A Tour of the Tea World

Peeling back the layers of traditions & history in each cup

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Discover more tea with a TeaBox, exploring the world of tea with your own cup

4 Types of Tea from around the world all curated from our tea explorations from IG @theteafile. Each TeaBox contains 16 teabags of 4 varieties



I made TheTeaFile with one goal in mind, escape to somewhere new without leaving my house. I wanted to share my escape with others, particularly as the misfortunes of 2020 dragged on. I hope that you can find some calm in TheTeaFile whether it be a blog post or TeaBox!

 Take a look around and feel free to suggest any tea from your region

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Curious about Tea?

Tea is a common thread many cultures of the world share, it’s not exclusive to the pomp of upperclass European garden parties nor should it be exotified in the case of East Asian customs. Teas have been used at all levels of human society to heal and bing people together